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Question Asked: Winding/grind sound
April 10, 2013, 09:27 PM
So i just bought a 97 jeep grand cherokee limited v8 with the 5.2 l engine in it. When i test drove it everything was fine sounded great good to g and bought it. After the guy left i realized i didnt check the 4 wheel drive so i checked it and it worked. After i put it back in 2wd the car now in the rear end makes a a mixture of a winding kind of grind noise. Im pretty upset because i just sold my truck today because the engine was knocken but now the new car i buy seems to have an issue to. I was wondering if you guys could pin point what this sound is, how long i might be able to drive on it for, and an estimate of what the cost is to fix it, if you know what the noise means. It kind of sounds like the same noise my truck made when it was in 2 wheel high.
Question Asked: So my engine started knocking and it is defintley a bottome end knock
April 09, 2013, 11:06 PM
I was told by a mecahnic that my truck could last for 10 more days or another 20,000 miles it just depends. I recently just picked this truck up for 2500 dollars with a burnt out clutch and put a brand new clutch in it. I decided to sell my truck because i don't have the time or materials to put work into it. I put it up for 2,000 dollars and sold it for 1800. The guy is coming tomorrow to pick it up and i was wondering if i should of put it up for more. Everywhere i look it seems as if these trucks have a high value, so i was wondering how much value does my truck loose when this knocking starts? The truck is in great shape besides this.
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