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Question Asked: Not sure if this reached you in answer to miles on the 05 Escalade.
April 09, 2009, 03:57 PM
Comment - dmddander, April 09, 2009, 15:35 on my 05 Escalade, I have 35k miles. I know some kind of overhaul is done at about 45k miles I am told by a friend with same vehicle. My friend says they are telling me it is $452 now but when I get there if I tell them to open the engine up and go ahead, that they will find something else supposedly and I will end up with a $4k ticket. Reason being, they know my warranty is about to expire in June 09. I only come in for oil changes and warranty things to be fixed (they do not make money off me yet). My son was an Adviser at another GM deal in town and told me how it works plus I had an experience similar with my 86 Corvette being serviced. I went to pick the car up asking the Advisor if I needed to get it overhauled. He told me the tech said it 'needed' to be looked at. I asked the Advisor if this was a problem in my driving it home now . He said no, no problem. I feel I had my answer then. The techs get paid on non warranty work. If my warranty is to expire in June, I would be paying for truly a power trane whatever that would normally be covered under warranty except that if all this work is done and I paid for it then no need for them to tell me at 45K miles that it is time for the power trane whatever and GM would have made tons of money off me without having to use the warranty. Does this make sense to you. Another issue is that my tires recently are not holding pressure. I have 20s that I got free with the car (they originally sold me with the car some cheap Goodyear tires that wore out at 10k miles. The GM of the dealship came to me personally as asked what kind did I want. I got Michelins; I like them as they wear well. Well now at 35k miles on the Escalade, the pressure is not holding up after I put in 40psi from many different areas all over the city with pressure machines. Next day or the next week all tires are down to 38 or 37psi. This has never happened before. I can usually travel many, many miles without putting air in. The tires have really good tread. My friend with the same vehicle states that something is wrong with the wheel that spits off chrome and affects the tire pressure as she had the same thing to happen. The dealer gave her new tires. Says it is some kind of defect on the wheel? What do you know about this?
Question Asked: power trane overhaul
April 09, 2009, 09:13 AM
I purchased the car new. Now in shop for routine servicing, oil change, filter, etc.. Dealer calls to say my escalade needs a power trane overhaul which will cost me about $452 plus taxes and just sounded strange to me. My original warranty is due to expire in June 09. What is this overhaul, why now and is this a needed repair that I must have or a scam?
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