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Question Asked: Fuel Sender/Fuel Gauge inaccuracy
July 25, 2009, 02:39 AM
What is the story about the Fuel Gauge giving random/incorrect readings after half a tank or so? this began on my '97 Lumina at about 112,000mi, and my wife's '99 Lumina at about 105,000mi. I've seen several TSB's exist about Fuel Gauge/Fuel Sender inaccuracy issues (listed as "other") on the '97 lumina, but I could not get access to the details, what GM says to fix the issue, or if it is a defect I can get the dealer to repair for free (or a discount)
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Car Review: 1997 Chevrolet Lumina
July 25, 2009, 02:12 AM
Bought the car a year aggo with 97k on it, its now about to turn over 112k after commuting in it for a year. I put a GM CD player from a '98 S-10 in it and it was an easy plug-in-perfect fit, now it's a joy to drive! Service Highlights: 97,000mi -replaced both Oxygen sensors 97,000mi -replaced alternator 100,000mi -transmission filter/fluid changed 100,000mi -water pump chaged 110,000mi -fuel gauge sender started acting crazy, at 1/3 tank or less, gauge needle starts moving up/down at random. Mechanic says heavy Sulphur Deposits from a bad batch of cheap gas killed the sender inside the tank. Sender and fuel pump are in 1 piece, and must be replaced together (ouch). 111,000mi -ABS sensor ring on front axle shaft cracked and is now loose, causing the ABS pump to tap like crazy every time I use the brakes -time to replace Axle shaft, (Even though the rest of shaft works fine) 111,900mi -Recharged Air conditioner I admittedly put my cars through what the manufacturers call "Heavy Duty Use" because I have such a long commute 6 days a week, but the Lumina takes it better than any V6 car I have owned, It is the strongest performing V6 vehicle I have owned (Quick for a 3.1 Liter, and corners very well with good tires), It's the Highest MPG V6 I have owned (I've been through several) and the Lumina is the most comfortable 4-door I have owned. It consistently gets 22-27 mpg no matter what, Engine still purrs like new, car still looks like new, and even though I dont like the price tags on the fuel sender and the axle shaft, I still love this car. So much so, I bought (used) Luminas for my wife and daughter, because they fell in love with the Lumina too, and my wife kept borrowing mine!
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