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Question Asked: air conditioning blows great and cold out of two passenger side vents
July 16, 2013, 08:04 PM
air blows nice and cold out of the two passenger vents , but on the drivers side it blows warm air. still has the same force as out of the passenger. all vents are controlled by sliding the lever open or closed on the individual vent. anti-freeze is full. I was told there could be a vent door motor ? not working ? not sure what to look for first. thanks for any help
Question Asked: what would cause the car to run great untill you turn it off then jerks & kills
February 16, 2013, 08:15 PM
on way to work car gave 3 jerks, almost like it was backfireing, then was fine again. same night going home car started and ran fine for about 3 miles then started to jerk continuously and eventually kill. hooked up hand held diagnostics. no vacuum leaks. replaced map sensor and mass air flow sensor. ran fine for 3 days and check engine light didnt come back on. did running after work on 4th day and on the last stop it had a hard time starting back up.had made 3 other stops before the last one and no problems, but we were at the places for an hour or better between starting it back up. the last stop we were there only around 5 minutes when it gave us trouble. new plugs and wires , new doesnt happen all the time, only if the car is hot and shut off for just a short time. the diagnostic codes all read fine, fuel unit is fine. one person said possible catylitic converter insides melted and plugging up or crankshaft position sensor. the oxygen all read okay. any ideas or help would be appreciated. trying to avoid a huge shop bill. thanks in advance.
Question Asked: 2000 lesabre with 145,000 on it. check eng lite came on diag said map sensor
February 11, 2013, 08:35 PM
replaced map sensor and light went off for 1 day. redid diagnostics and said low flow map sensor. after 1 month took sensor back and put anothe new one on. again light went off for 1 day and now back on. car started backfireing, jerking. in idle will rev up by itself and then start chugging and eventually kill. sulfur smell out of exhaust. could this be the catalytic converter? possible crack in intake manafold? mass air flow sensor? everytime the diagnostic says "map" sensor intake low. Help anyone!!
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