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Question Asked: where is abs control moduale located on 2004 gmc yukon
October 20, 2012, 03:26 PM
also looking for ecbm moduale
Question Asked: hard to start have to pump gas pedal couple times to start ?
January 08, 2012, 01:28 PM
now check engine light is on and stays on
Question Asked: checked oil and it looks thick like sludge this morning ?
October 09, 2011, 09:19 AM
and yesterday while driving oil pressure light came on for a few seconds ?
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Problem Reported: Ignition Coil, Ignition Wires, and Spark Plugs May Fail
September 15, 2010, 10:08 PM
<p>An <a id="ce_84" class="ct_glossary tooltip" href="/ignition-coil">ignition coil</a> or <a id="ce_100" class="ct_glossary tooltip" href="/spark-plug">spark plug</a> may fail unexpectedly resulting in an engine misfire and possible illumination of the <a id="ce_5700" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/symptoms/check-engine-light">Check Engine Light</a>. Vehicles equipped with <a id="ce_88" class="ct_selected tooltip" href="/ignition-wire-set">spark plug wires</a> may also develop a misfire caused by a failed spark plug wire.</p>
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