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Question Asked: The material on the headliner is coming unglued in spots. can this be repaired?
January 22, 2014, 11:54 AM
above the doors on either side, and above the windshield on either side.
Question Asked: what is entailed in replacing headlight assemblies on my 2006 eclipse 4 cylinder
January 22, 2014, 09:49 AM
the inside of the plastic assembly has been hazed by the sun and i don't think that this part is accessible for some of the standard "unhazing" methods. Thank you
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Car Review: 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse
January 22, 2014, 10:58 AM
Great car for the most part. Handling and acceleration good for a 4 cyl. Fun and comfortable on a long freeway trip from Florida to Michigan. The driver's seat could adjust a little lower. (i keep brushing the top of the doorway when i get in. The fabric is coming loose from the headliner in a number of places. (above the doors on either side and at the top of the windshield on both sides just where the defroster would strike) I think the glue just dried up. Also, last year, insulation (or something) started blowing through the ac/heater vents. There is a rattle coming from the engine compartment at times. I think it is the shielding on the motor making contact with some parts of the engine/frame. I had an issue with the antilock brakes not resetting last year, but found (through research) that if i made the wheels slide by braking hard and then pumping the pedal a bunch of times. (i did this procedure 3-4 times that the problem went away. The headlight enclosures are sunburned on the inside. I can't think of any fix except to replace them. The only other thing that is amiss is of course the pistons holding up the hatch. I keep a miniature hockey stick in the rear for a prop. I have had my eclipse since 3300 miles and have had it serviced (oil, lube etc) every 3000 miles using Mobile 1. I enjoy driving this car and other than the multiple minor issues mentioned above, would certainly buy another one IF they kept making them.
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