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I grew up as a "garage brat" and still am! :) I'm a redneck girl, at heart! I'm not scared to work on my truck and thank God everyday for Google and youtube! Unfortunately, my husband died in a car accident in 2003 and I am now raising 4 kids and 2 stepkids - most of them are adults now, thankfully! (and NONE are mechanics! Apparently, I'm stuck doing this mechanic thing on my own!)
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Question Asked: Electric door lock does not work
November 19, 2010, 12:16 PM
My electric door lock does not work on my driver's door. Let me will not lock with the button inside or the key fob; however, it will UNLOCK with either just fine. Just curious what this is and if anyone knows an idea of what part I will need before I decide if I want to do this. Thanks!
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Car Review: 1997 Ford Explorer
November 19, 2010, 12:09 PM
I bought my 97 Explorer 4WD in 2003 and wouldn't part with her for anything. She has 249k miles and runs excellent! The only thing I've had an issue with was an oil leak (from valves I think) and the new-style DPFE kept melting. I had the oil leak taken care of and put an original old-style metal DPFE on her and it's fine. Need to have ball joints replaced, but not an immediate need and I have to figure out what is causing a sound like a dog's growl.....when I'm just sitting, idling, no A/C on, there's a low growling sound that comes from the back half of the truck (sound only lasts for a few seconds each time). All of my regular maintenance (except oil changes) I've done myself (just a sidenote: I'm 39 years old, widowed mom of 4 - if I can do it, anyone can do it! LOL) - tuneup is relatively easy, sparkplugs are a pain (but aren't they always?), and I'm doing my brakes for the first time tomorrow (thank God for google and youtube!). The interior is cloth, has held up great! Oh! I have had a light in my dash out since I bought's dark over where the gas gauge is but lit up fine everywhere else - I've checked all the fuses and everything is fine. I'm not excited about pulling apart my dash so I've just dealt with it. I would like to get better gas mileage - mine is 6 cyl, 4WD and gets about 15/18. Any suggestions would be great! :) The bottom line is I love my truck! Even when cash for clunkers came around, I couldn't part with her! I may buy something to drive more often and give her a break, but I can't give her up!! Oh, and she's great for towing and off-road!! :)
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