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Car Review: 2003 Acura MDX
April 13, 2009, 09:28 AM
We bought this car new and it now is at about 99,000 miles. It has been serviced at the dealer most of the time except for some oil changes. We had a rear blower power unit fail under warranty, a right side inside fuse box issue that was replaced, after warranty and the a/c compressor has started making noises, but we haven't replaced it yet. Otherwise, the car drives and feels solid. I replaced the brakes and rotors with the new EBC yellow pads and was verrrry impressed. This is the way to go. The car still looks and drives like new. The paint and the interior are still perfect except for parking lot dents and dings.
Car Review: 1999 Acura RL
April 13, 2009, 09:06 AM
I bought this car used with about 108,000 miles. Very good ride, very quiet and solid feeling. The brakes are amazing - don't follow this car too close if it needs to stop - wow! It has only had to have the needed services and we took a 3000 mile trip and all works great and it burns absolutly no oil or has any leaks. Not bad for a 10 year old car.
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