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Question Asked: Ran out of gas now wont start
June 07, 2009, 12:19 PM
the truck was low on gas and after making a pit stop (where I turned off the truck) it started up by quickly shut off. Now it turns over but wont start. I have put 5 gals of gas in it and after checking the fuse and fuel pump reset switch, I just replaced the fuel relay. It sound "more" like it wants to catch, but still doesn't start. Someone suggested spraying starting fluid in the valve cover, where is that? and what else might this be? I CAN her the fuel pump engage when I turn the ignition so I don't think its that.
Question Asked: Intermittent Failing
May 25, 2009, 03:59 PM
This car was bought used and runs good in the city. However, on two separate occasions (two consecutive weeks) the car would lose power as it is being driven on the highway. The first time it did it, the car started to jerk every 5-10 seconds then shut off. I had it taken to the shop and the mechanic ran diagnostics and other test but could not find anything wrong with it except a code that allegedly showed a restricted fuel filter. I had them change the filter. The following week driving the same distance (from Orlando to Tampa) the car shut down again. This time, it didn't jerk, but when we to an exit and came to a stop at the light it shut off. Also this time, it started right back up and we drove it to the destination. I have been told it could be a number of things but more than likely a sensor being triggered by the heat of the engine. What things can I look at?
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