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Question Asked: what can cause my car to idle wrong and misfire sometimes
July 06, 2014, 12:22 PM
I have a 99 cabrio gl manual 5speed transmission and the idle is bad it stays around 1rpm but goes a little above and a little below when I am at a stop like a red light stop sign ect. it shakes when its in idle I changed the plugs but they looked fairly new but they were ngk not bosch I replaced them with ngk plugs again forgetting they recommend bosch. could that be the problem them simply not being bosch plugs? I do most of my car work myself because I am a single mother of 2 young children and labor is simply to expensive for me. this started a few weeks ago and does this everytime I drive it. sometimes after its warmed up from driving a while the idle is ok but then it starts again within the same drive to my destinations. it has misfired a few times not many but the idle is an everyday thing.
Question Answered: My top won't open
July 06, 2014, 12:11 PM
I have the same vehicle a 1999 vw cabrio gl convertible 5 speed manual transmission. I as well have to unlock the "oh shit bars" and bring them down, but mine is not an automatic top that I am aware of I unlock the latches and have to manually bring the top down folding just above my trunk. have you tried putting some oil on the motor it may just be a little dry an they can lock up sometimes. try maybe some wd 40 also where is the button for the automatic top, I think some of them can b done manually as well. on my car I have a boot to put over the top once its down. do yu have to manually put the boot cover on or does it fold down automatically?
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