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Question Asked: New vehicle. (3,000 miles). Car jerks aat 20 to 24 mph. & again at 49 to50 mph.
July 27, 2012, 12:15 PM
6/12 Had car checked at Galena Chrysler, they said they fixed the transmission problem & that lots of cars do this when it's trying to find the shift position. They did nothing!! It's 2012! I can not believe that transmissions are preforming so badly. We had transmission problems with 2 other Chrysler vehicles!! Do we live with this annoyance or can some thing be done so the transmission works smoothly?
Question Asked: answer to your question
October 21, 2009, 02:12 PM
there is no info on the work order. this garage doesn't document much Please advise. :)
Question Asked: Solonoid replaced Jerking
October 21, 2009, 11:45 AM
8-19-09 Car engine light came on, I slowed for a stop & then with the shift it jerked. continued home and only able to drive in low gear. Next day took it to Wayne's garage it only jerked in low gear. $700.oo for new solonoid and the car continues to jerk into gear nearly every time, and a pause excelerate into all the gears. Took car back and was told that the computer needs time to adjust to my driving and it may take up to 300 miles before it does. Week later I took it back and told them the problem is not solved. Next day I was told that they replaced the solonoid. Nothing has changed with the car. They refused to write up a work order the last time I was there. I had checked the odometer 2x when leaving the car. When the car was picked up after 2x they had driven it 36 miles. I had told them the worst jerking is between 10 and 0 MPH. I was shocked that they drove it 36 miles and said it was fixed. The jerking or pausing is something my car never did until now. It apparently is not the Solonoid causing the problem. Please advise.
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