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Question Asked: Power windows and sunroof stopped working
October 04, 2009, 07:29 PM
The windows and sunroof both recently stopped working in my 92 BMW 325i E36 4 door sedan. I checked all of the fuses and the only one that is not working is the #1 fuse which is the sunroof. Do the power windows and the sunroof both run off of this fuse? The fuse is fine just not getting any power. I also checked the breaker everything is fine with that. I looked at some other forums on the web and found a discussion on a window relay. I looked but could not find it. The window relay is not a part of the fuse box under the hood. I am completely lost and dont know what else i can do or even what to look for. Could anybody out there please help? Thank you so much
Question Answered: considering a purchase
October 04, 2009, 07:34 PM
I just bought a 92 325i with 180k on it for 2000. They are great cars just be prepared that if something major does go wrong you will probably have to take it to the bmw dealership because there are not a ton of people around who can even begin to work on them. Im having problems with my windows right now and cant find anybody nut the dealership to fix it. Also check under the oil cap before you buy it. If it is green and kind of slimy looking dont bother but if it is good clean oil it has probably been maintained. Look around the gasket and make sure it is good and there is no oil coming out of where the gasket is. If those few things look pretty good then you are getting a good deal and this car could last you for another 200k easy. Hope this helped good luck
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