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my 2000 mercedes benz S430 and my 1990 toyota camry...
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Question Answered: front struts
July 25, 2010, 05:39 AM
hello theres a place in roxboro NC called strutmasters they replaced my airmatic struts with passive coil over struts...the webstie is 1-866-597-2733 and they give a lifetime warranty on the coil struts. the ride is still smooth but i do feel the bumps and i guess thats due to the 20 inch rims and low profile tires i have on my S 430...they do good work i took my benz there n they had me right in a day the cost is reasonable payed under 1100.00 hope this is helpful...and please dont leave me any negative comments this is just info im sharing if it doesnt work for you then so be it...
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Car Review: 1990 Toyota Camry
July 25, 2010, 06:11 AM
bought my 1990 camry nov. 2006 payed 350.00 for ir from a nice sweet lady in new jersey and she had driven the car from indiana. it had 100k plus miles when i got it and it has 252k now. my everyday run around car it stays on the highway 2.0 4cyl get 400 miles to the tank highway. in the 4 years i had my baby ive gotten a water pump timing belt change total 350.00 , the tranny went 2 years ago total 450.00 labor and tranny, starter 150.00 total, front axle both sides 300.00 total (mechanic who did work did terrible job so i have to get the work done all over), and the basic wear and tear i can say i have about 1500-1800.00 invested in 4 years and she still rides smooth. just need to fix AC, replace front windshield and get front axle fixed...trying to get 500k on my baby...
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