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Car Review: 1995 Subaru Legacy
January 09, 2009, 10:30 AM
Oh yeah, I also own a 95 legacy. Never left me stranded, or had any unpredictable problems, just front oil seals, belts, fuel filler tube and tuneups, buy an old suby and fix it, the 4wd is better too. runs laps around my 04 lemon, rust holes and all.
Car Review: 2004 Subaru Legacy
January 09, 2009, 10:25 AM
bought my 04 legacy wagon in 06 w 23k with extended coverage. sunroof broke, a at about 34k, my cruise controll failed, around 38k, it failed again. After several frustrating visits that was fixed. a couple thousand miles later, the check engine light came on, the light on the cruise controll button flashed and the car lost power and went into high idle with no throttle controll. This event occured at random10 or 12 times in the worst locations, subaru roadside assistance was of no help since it was allways the weekend or after hours and there was no error code to be found when it finally did reach the dealer, about 3 weeks later. And the dealer refused to offer us a rental, since there was no code there was no problem. eventually that was fixed. Around 43k the car lost all power assist to the brakes, not once were me and my family put in danger at major intersections, but 5 or 6 seperate events, where the brakes would just fail completely at random. I was aware that this was likely the master cylinder, and tried to convince the dealer to replace it to no end. a This occured for months after the initial incident, and the dealer could not re-create the problem. Finally the brakes failed alltogeather, and I had to drive it through traffic, no brakes to where the shop supervisor test drove it, and was scared to cross the parkinglot. Finally the mastercylinder was replaced after three trips to the dealer. oh, and the ignition coil failed on I95 in Ma. leaving us stranded there too. That dealer was much nicer. I am not eligible for the state lemon law because the car is too old. My subaru was a piece of shit. Great awd when it goes.
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