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Car Review: 2003 Toyota Camry
February 07, 2010, 10:36 AM
Reliable automobile. Not part of the gas pedal recall, which is nice. Good vehicle for Colorado winter driving with the traction control, steering assist and abs, but it's still not an awd vehicle. Gas mileage, about 23 overall with highway, city and lot of stop and go on I-25. Complaints. I think the sheet metal has to be the thinnest out there. Dents very easily. Also not a status car so you won't be getting a lot of speeding tickets because it looks like a car older conservative folks would drive. Not crazy about the climate control system which always reset back to auto after you turn off the car. I'm not always going to want to be at 73 degrees. What I like about the car are nice features with XLE, V-6 version. Love the heated seats, steering assist, traction control and the cool radio feature that tells you who is playing what song on the radio. Reliable, only routine maintenance so ownership cost is really good.
Car Review: 2002 Ford Explorer
February 07, 2010, 10:25 AM
Like this SUV a lot. Have owned a 1994 Ford Explorer and love that the quality is back, which is why Ford really seams to be the only competition for the Japanese. Owned Ford, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan. Was pleasantly surprised at the look, feel and drive of the 02 Explorer. Still own it and have very little done to it. Sensor replaced a couple of years ago, brakes are actually good. I owned the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which seems to blow through the pads and rotors. Learned how to replace brakes and save money quickly. New problem with this XLT on Overdrive flashing driving in the mountains of Colorado on the highway. Might be a sensor, could be worse. Only other problem I have had is the back air control makes a clicking sound if you work controls in the second control panel. Couple hundred dollars for a piece of plastic, or control it with the front one.
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