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Question Asked: Oil light/ shutting off
January 10, 2011, 09:23 PM
My 1997 stratus es 2.5l v6 runs fine, except at times it will randomly shut it's self off without any notice. I have noticed at times that the oil light will come on while stopped at a light but will go back off if I tap the gas most of the time... I have noticed that my RPMS drop below 800 down to around 500 when the light comes on too. The oil is fine, as I just checked it... Doesn't do it all the time there are days where everything is fine, then there are days that it does it all day long.. Same with the stalling, it can go all week at times and run fine, then it will shut off 3-4 times in a day... The other day it did it 3 times and afterwards I came to a stop sign and it reved up and took off almost causing me to run the stop sign even though foot was fully on the brake, once it stopped it shuttered for a second and then died... It ran fine the rest of the day. What may be causing these problems? I think the two problems could be the same thing but not sure since the light doesn't come on when it dies, then again no lights come on till after the car dies so I have no clue! LOL! no trouble codes are coming up since check engine light doesn't come on.... Possibly oil pump? Oil sending unit? Bad plugs n wires? I dunno! Any suggestions since the dodge dealer won't help lol!!!!
Question Asked: Brake issues?
September 14, 2010, 08:13 AM
I have a 97 stratus es with 2.5v6, the car has been great! Although my brakes have started squealing extremely loud, I just replaced brakes and rotors in may! I upgraded to the better brakes cause I had always had some brake noise and was told to upgrade to these pads to relieve that noise, now when I hit the brakes I'm getting loud squealing out of the drivers front brake and feels as if it's pulling or digging into the rotor! I have taken it to numerous mechanics and even paid $80 for a dodge dealership to find out what's wrong and nobody can find anything! I personally thought I had a stuck caliper but everyone says that they are good, brake pads r <75%, rotors are new.... I have no clue what else can be done at this point but is annoying to have your car sounding so bad yet can't get it fixed even though you want too! It's not the tires or a balance issue or a rotation issue or alignment! It is brakes but everything checks out fine???
Question Answered: heat blows hot ac blows cold but stays at one slow speed no matter the setting
September 14, 2010, 08:28 AM
The stratus is very well known for this problem! Is a $40+/- part think it's called a switch? I'll let you know once it's replaced it will keep goin out usually within a few months later... However, as common of problem this is there is never been a recall. My 98 stratus only works on the high setting.... But isn't a fuse or system itself, it's the switch somewhere behind the glovebox area...
Problem Reported: Revised Windshield Washer Nozzles Available to Prevent Plugging
September 15, 2010, 10:07 PM
<p>One or both windshield washer nozzles may plug or clog. There are revised washer nozzles available which are more resistant to plugging.</p>
Car Review: 1997 Dodge Stratus
January 23, 2011, 08:16 PM
overall my car is GREAT! I have had no major problems other than an a/c compressor going out! Powerful V6 with autostick is fun to drive, suspension is tight like a sports car! Great stereo system, great gas mileage, an all around smooth handling car! Has 156,000 on it now, last stratus made it to 225,000 before handing key to my son, hope this one goes as long and seems that it may! Only complaints would be dim headlights and the problems with the heat/ac switch going out all the time! Just upgrade to HID lighting and really improved the visibility of headlights alot! Very good car, but I guess I'm lucky to have had three and all of them have been great cars! Don't know what others have done with their stratus' but apparently they don't know how to properly maintain a car( fixing things before they break!)
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