Upper and lower Ball Joints on both sides on 1993 Mercury Cougar

I have a 93 mercury cougar and the upper and lower ball joints on the right side kept making noises, and one day the upper and lower ball joints came completly of the ball socket on the right side. I would like to know how much it would cost to get this problem fixed on the right side?

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If you need the upper control arm (with ball joint) and the lower ball joint, plus alignment, it should run about $345.00 - $511.00 (not including tax, shop charges, diagnosis etc.). However since the ball joints came apart while driving, other damage may have been done. Make sure you have the ball joints on the other side checked out so this doesn't have the same problem!
should cost about $400 dollars
In my opinion, 400$ is too high, a ball joint replacement should only cost about 250-300$. Most garages charge by the hour, that's why you will pay more. Good luck.
You can check them your self,or google a mobile mechanic,they are less expensive that a garage.jus.t go to google and type in " mobile mechanic" and then if you are not sure, check them out at the BBB or your local county registry. Where are you in relation to Acworth Ga.?