Q: upgrading emission control on 2003 Honda Pilot

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I have been living in Mexico since 1999. I here, I purchased a 2003 Honda Pilot. I am now moving to Texas. Can I upgrade the emission control system to meet Texas standards for 2003? How much should it cost?
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There is really no practical way to do this. Your Honda may have the same emissions on it as the U.S. market but there is really no way to tell. Other issues that come into play are the speedometer and airbags. I had a customer that wanted to bring their Canadian Accord in to the U.S. and there was an issue with the airbags. The U.S. market has strict rules with vehicle safety.
FYI -- The vehicle passed the On-Board-Diagnostics emission test, but that is not sufficient for US Customs to authorize importing the vehicle. They need the manufacturer to certify that the vehicle complies with all safety, anti-theft and emission requirements in effect as of the date of manufacture. All vehicles sold in the USA have a decal or plate affixed to the vehicle with this statement. Some vehicles sold outside of the USA have the same. The Pilot in question does not. However, a Toyota Highlander that I purchased new in Mexico in 2007 does have the plate attached. My solution will be to take the Toyota to the USA and sell the Pilot in Mexico.

Thanx for your help....