Q: unreliable; never know when it won't start on 2002 Mazda Tribute

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Mazda is occasionally taking fits.. Runs good for weeks at a time and then will start but immeaditly shut off. After a while and several tries; it runs beautifully once again. This car has @ 95,000 miles.
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I think you have a problem with the Idle Air Control valve (IAC). It's not letting the engine idle cold because they can stick, could be a worn out valve at that mileage or just some carbon fouling which you may be able to clean. I think it's on top of the throttle body and easy to remove for inspection. I assume that you're check engine light's not on. Another thing is that the fuel pump relay may be failing (consult your owner's book for location if you can't find it under the hood in the relay box.). Both items are worth checking.
Superbob; Had a mechanic locate and clean far....running good!! Thanks.
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