Q: Universal oxygen sensor on 1995 Nissan Maxima

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Can I use a universal O2 sensor with 4 wires on this Nissan Maxima that has a 3 wire harness and just eliminate the 4 wire which is a ground?
Trying to narrow down this skipping problem and starting with the O2 sensor first.
If this O2 sensor will or can work in this vehicle, then I will move on to other sensors or fuel injectors as the problem with misfire/skipping.

Thanks for any help
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Absolutely NOT. A 4 wire Sensor is a very different animal, from a 3 wire. You need that extra ground and the Computer will set a code if it does not see it. 1 ground is the Signal Ground and 1 ground is the Heater ground. These carry REALLY different amounts of current and if you mess with them, you could blow your computer!! Also, generic, 'Universal' Oxygen Sensors can ruin your CAT. Every Oxygen Sensor has a heat range just like a Spark Plug. Universal Sensors work on really old cars, like 1985 and that is about it.
Your misfire is most likely not an Oxygen Sensor issue. If there is a misfire, it will set Oxygen Sensor codes because the extra puffs of air into the exhaust from the misfire will confuse the Oxygen Sensors. If you have the Infiniti VQ30DE motor in your '95 Maxima ( which you do, I checked ) it has lots of problems with its coils and plugs. I usually replace them all ( plugs and coils ) when I have ignition misfires if I don't have any Injector or any other codes. They go out like hotcakes. What are the codes? Did you read them? if you don't know what the codes are, and if any are flagged, you will go broke guessing before you fix the car because there are hundreds of codes and most can cause a misfire, like Crank Sensors, Cam Sensors, TPS, Mass Air Flow etc. etc. Except for Oxygen Sensor codes, which almost never cause a misfire

check this article I wrote about misfires
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