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Q: Underlying cause of 10 error codes. on 2004 Volvo S60

My 2004 Volvo S60 (70,000 miles) has had intermittent electrical issues its entire life. I've taken it to one Volvo dealer who reset the codes and did a software update, and another dealer who did a full diagnostic and recommended replacing the DIM (drivers information module) for about $1800. I did not have confidence in his diagnosis and declined.

The error codes are below. I don't see why replacing the DIM would fix all error codes. Maybe doing software updates of all systems could do something for me. If you need me to post the car's symptoms and error messages, I can do that, but I'd rather find an underlying cause of the problems than replace one system after the other only to find that the problem persists.

The error codes were:
AUM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
BCM-0100 Communication between control units, Communicational problems with ECM
BCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
CEM-1A62 Communication with ECM control module, Signal missing
CEM-1D08 Control module, Internal fault
DDM-0025 Mirror motor, Signal missing
DIM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty Configuration
PSM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
SRS-00D5 SRS lam, Configuration fault
UEM-0080 Rain sensor, Signal missing
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I have just purchased a 2 owner 2001 S60 2.4T with a clean car fax and what looked like regular dealer maintenance until recently. My check engine light came on the other day and I had hoped to get a few months out of the car before having to pony up for the diagnostic check. Well, I also got a ton of error messages back as well.
The car runs fine except for a slight hesitation on cold start and very mild surging at part throttle, nothing I can't live with until something "breaks" at this point. So here it goes for anyone who cares!

SWM-0003 High beam flash activated too long (WTF! Works fine)
CCM-0003 Fan Motor passsenger compartment temperature sensor. Faulty signal
PSM-E003 Donfiguration fault. Faulty Configuration (no explanation of what this is)
PDM-0035 Control passenger window. Faulty Signal (WFT? it works fine)
PDM-0005 Power window motor M= or M- Singnal low/Signal missing (why does a computer need to know this and why does it matter!? Works fine)
PDM-0025 Mirror motor signal missing (Again who cares?)
AUM-41FF Amplifier, sub antenna Signal Missing
ECM-91F0 Throttle position (TP) - Faulty current
ECM-3503 Misfiring
ECM 03513 Misfire cylinder 1
ECM-3523 Misfire cylinder 2
ECM-3533 Misfire cylinder 3
ECM-3543 Misfire cylinder 4
ECM-3554 Misfire cylinder 5
ECM-4801 Three -way catalytic converter (TWC) efficiency, bank 1 -
ECM-6806 Turbocharger (TC) control system flow fault - Flow too high
ECM-91A7 Throttle position (TP) Faulty control
CEM-6A01 Door unlocked, left rear. Signal too high (what, again, does this have to do with anything, doesn't this just seem strange?)
CEM - 6A02 Door unlocked, right rear. Signal too high (ditto)
CEM-6A04 Door locked, right rear. Signal too low. (ditto again)

As a result, these are the repairs that NEED to be done to turn off the check engine light

Turbo Boost Pressure Regulator $102.44 L- .5Hrs
TOTAL: $138.69

Misfire codes all cylinders – replace coils and plugs
5x$75/plugs $59.63 L- 1.5 Hrs
TOTAL: 543.11

Throttle Unit Faulty
Assembly $687.38 Gasket $3.09 Updated ECM Software $86.39 L-2.5 Hrs TOTAL: $958.11

Exhaust manifold gaskets leaking
Gasket $35.27 Nuts $1.41x10 Misc parts $25.00 L-6 Hrs
TOTAL: $509.37

OR ROUGHLY $2,000!!! you think that other than a small stumble I should start trying to fix all of this mess given that I was told by this Volvo Specialist that once I started fixing things it might upset the fact that the car had "learned to operate in a less than optimal state" and that resetting codes could make the car undrivable? I mean, this sounds fishy to me. The car honestly drives almost perfectly in every other way!

Now, my philosophy based on reading tons of postings/blogs/service bulletins is that these error codes are basically income generators for the dealerships and repair shops. As you can see some of the codes are just stupid. They quoted me $671.72 (not listed above) to replace a "drivers door mirror module" even though the mirror is working perfectly? I mean, is this crazy or what? This "all knowing" computer, if you were a layman and scared into doing these repairs as listed by said computer, the total would have been $4,000.00 I did go ahead and fix the timing belt and tensioner for a total of $630.00 which included the diagnostic check. All in all it would seem that I am either going to drive it until one of these things causes the car to stop running or fix them as I get the money. It is really a shame that these cars have become so electronically crippled that you can't do much without a specialist or dealer when it comes to anything relating to the computer/electronics. I am bummed. Any uplifting feedback would be appreciated!
Reply to the faulty codes:

I have a 2003 Volvo S60 with 117k. Like you, I have had electrical issues continually and these include my SRS light, check engine, engine oil, and the digital clock, which ran backwards for over a year. Over time, the entire intrument module began to blink out then come back on while I was driving. The guages would go out as well as the lights, though the center lights of the radio etc were always fine. Eventually, they blinked out completely in the instrument module. I took the car to my local favorite mechanic after doing extensive research online at volvoforum UK. They ran the fault check and a list as long as my arm came out. DIM was one of the codes. Having done my research, I knew that to repair the DIM meant replaicing the instrument cluster, which the part alone is $983. The labor is breif, about an hour, then the car must be brought to a dealer to have the software updated to match the new cluster.

All together, between 1300-2000 for repairs. I had read on the volvo forum that if you are a decent electrician/mechanic, it is possible to fix the module yourself. Knowing that it could be fixed, I started to research to see if any companies provided remanufacturing of the original part. I found BBA Reman based in the UK but has a location in Taunton, MA. What you do is take the car to your shop, have them remove the cluster from under the dash, ship it overnight to BBA Reman, they will repair it in 1-2 days and overnight it back. Before they send it, they call to get payment from you. The shipping was $56 each way, including insurance, and the repair was $350, and the shop charged me $40 for the diagnostic. I rented a car for 5 days but used AAA discount and my shop also offered a discount.

The website is here:

Now all electrical issues are gone, all fault codes are gone, and there was no need to synch up the software because it was my original part. Many dealers and mechanics will not know about this or have ever done it because it is RARE that this issue occurs.

My extended warrentee covered this issue up to 100k so if your car has under 100k, consult your warentee.

One last good thing about the BBA-Reman company, all of there work comes with a lifetime guarentee so if anything goes wrong, they fix it for free. Good luck.
Wow, I really appreciate your reply. I'm seriously considering doing exactly the same things you did. But I've got several quick questions: (1) In addition to all of the electrical components malfunctioning, did your engine ever stall? (2) I don't know if you still have the list of your codes, but did you have the internal CEM errors as I have? I can't find compelling evidence that explains how a faulty DIM can cause internal CEM errors. (3) Volvo gave me a price quote on replacing the DIM without saying anything about it being covered under warranty. I can only find info on the standard 4-year warranty and the 8-year warranty on emissions systems (which does not include the DIM). Do you have any proof that I could use to show Volvo that it would be covered?
Hi there, Any update on this issue? My car has almost the same error codes, and also the engine stall-problem. I wonder if replacing/repairing the DIM worked for your problems.

I have the same issues and similar error codes with my '04 S60. Dealer thinks it's the CEM but not enough to give me my money back if it doesn't work. Did you have any more luck with getting your S60 fixed?
I've gone back since then, gotten the error codes below, and they've upgraded the software in the CEM and DIM, which probably won't do anything. I'm trying to convince them to cover replacement of the CEM under the Emissions Warranty (8 year, 80 000 mile). Let me know what you try to fix your car.

CCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
DDM-0025 Mirror motor, Signal missing
PSM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
CEM-1A23 X-supply relay circuit, Signal missing
CEM-1A25 Relay Ext X2-Supply Signal too low
CEM-1D07 Control module, Internal fault
CEM-1D08 Control module, Internal fault
CEM-3F03 Shift lock signal, Signal too low
CEM-6C48 Transponder type, Faulty signal
CEM-1A21 Relay Ext X-Power supply, Signal too high
CEM-1A24 Relay Ext X2-Supply Signal too low
CEM-1D0C Control module, Internal fault
DIM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
AUM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
UEM-0080 Rain sensor, Signal missing
BCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
BCM-0150 Stop (brake) lamp switch, Signal outside its permitted range
PDM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
PDM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
PDM-0030 Rear view mirror potentiometer, Faulty signal
PDM-0032 Rear view mirror potentiometer, Faulty signal
First of all what are the syptoms that are causing Issues? Is the check engine light on? I can scan just about any volvo s-60 or s-80 out there and pull a long list of codes out usally. But alot of these codes can be caused by turning on the key and not staring the car so as it dosnt have time too finish its diagnostic checks all the way. Some codes dont really mean anything. if your having issues in this area that codes are set in then you may have a problem there otherwise its just a fluke.
you need to take this to a shop for a diagnostic. giving you a diag here without seeing the car is just a shot in the dark. i agree with the dealer but you have to trust someone. just hold them liable if that repair does not repair your car,

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