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Q: turns over wont start on 1994 Mazda B2300

got a 1994 b2300 mazda truck turns over wont start, changed battery, plugs, wires, starter, ignition module, fuel pump, fuel filter, had entire electrical checked at shop came back fine. have paid out almost a grand and it still does not start. my mechanic has given up on it and towed it back can someone please help
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You need to check fuel pressure (should be around 35 PSI with fuel pump activated, like when you turn the key to RUN (fuel pump runs for 1 second, I think), or when you turn the key to START. If the fuel pump's not running at all, check that the inertial fuel cutoff switch under the brake power booster has not been tripped. If you can push the button in and it clicks, it was tripped. It can be tripped by releasing the park brake sometimes. Check that you have spark when cranking the engine. Check that you have injector pulse using your test light or meter at the injector connectors. If you have all that OK it should start unless the timing belt has failed and skipped enough teeth that the engine won't run. I'd assume that the shop has checked all this and it's all OK but any one of these factors would prevent your engine from starting. I'm assuming that the engine won't even fire, not that it'll start and die which is different than no start at all.
Word to the wise: Don't spend money, time and energy replacing parts unless you've diagnosed that the parts are faulty. Sounds like a lot of guesswork's been done here and nobody's gotten lucky. If nothing works for you, tow the truck to a Ford or Mazda specialist. These things are not so hard to diagnose if you have the right tools and experience and know the vehicle.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
I had a mech rebuild a starter and it ran for a while, but now all it does is click when I turn the key. The battery is fully charged and have changed plug wires. What could be the problem?
I had the same exact problem:

Engine turns over, but does not fire. As if it is not getting fuel. Wait, try again, same thing. Wait, try again, might fire then run without any problems. I replaced the fuel filter with no change. It drove me crazy. Left it with a mechanic for a couple of days, a couple of different times and of course it would always start for them so they couldn't find anything.

I did some online research and found a couple of people with the same problem who suspected either the Fuel Pump Relay or ECU Relay is bad/failing.

Their suggestion: Replace BOTH Fuel Pump and ECU relays.

They are both located under the hood, in the FUSE box. It's a long plastic box next to the master cylinder on the driver's side of the truck. It has a bunch of switches and fuses in it so get a diagram so you know which ones to replace.

I replaced both of these about 8 weeks ago and haven't had the problem since. The engine starts right up every time now. I do believe it is fixed!

Cost was about $15 each and it took about 1 minute to replace them both - super easy.
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