Q: Turns over but won't run on 1995 Toyota Camry

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Hello ,
My battery was recently shorted to ground with a crescent wrench . The result is it will not start now . It turns over , but no spark . The other symptom I have observed is that the gas gauge stays pegged above full . I have substituted the ecu and igniter and same results . I believe there is an electrical problem somewhere , but I have been unsuccessful in finding it . I have done the spark test on each spark plug and there is apparently no fire . I did the test from the secondary of the HVT and it has fire , but seems very weak . The voltage to the primary of the hvt is a good 13.6 volts dc. It looks like the ECU is performing correctly , but the fire remains weak .

Any Ideas ?

Ken Tarver (
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I would check all of your fusible links. They are what typically gets blown when your have a dramatic short to ground at the battery. Also check all of your fuses. Then if this does not work, then I would go to www.alldatadiy.con and pay the $16 for 1 years access to the repair info for your car and go to crank no start section in engine/powertrain management and start running the tests. it sounds like you can check powers and grounds so you should be able to trace down the root cause of your problem.