Q: Turn Signal Switch Replacement on 1992 Pontiac Firebird

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Does the steering column/steering wheel need to be removed/replaced to remove/replace the turn signal switch?
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The book time to replace the turn signal switch is about an hour for a standard column and 1.4 hrs for a tilt wheel, To remove and replace the complete column is about twice the no the column dosn't have to be removed.
which switch are you needing to replace the one on the outside that you move up and down to engage the turn signal if it is this one no just grip it turn and pull and it will pop out but there are some wires that are attached to it im thinking it is a short pigtail on those years so inside there is a plug that you will have to unplug. plug the new one in and push your main handle into the houseing and thats that. but if you a needing to replace the other one it is under the sterring wheel and will need special tools to do this. it you think you cant do any of this i would take it to a shop dont want to break anything else if you are going to do the outside one go slow and easy and watch how it comes out so you can get it back together right hope this helps