Q: turbo will not engage once in a while. on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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i bought this vw from a dealer and when i test drove it the boost would not function. they eventually got it to work and mentioned something about an actuator. it has been ok for a month but now i notice that occasionally when i try to accelerate the turbo does not kick in. when it does this usually i try again working the accelerator slowly and it will work. can someone please tell me what the problem could be? also i would like to purchase a good repair manual that details everything. does vw sell a workshop manual that is priced within reason? thankyou
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workshop manuals are no longer printed by the manufacturers; they are all on CD-roms and are available
only through the dealer. these manuals assume that you have all the VW test equipment (which you don't). instead
try to find a local VW specialty shop that is very familiar with the TDI.