Q: truck wont start has spark at plugs engine on 2000 Mazda B2500

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ignition seems to work fine engine light in dash comes on when key is turned on as it is supposed to. sprayed starter fluid into intake and even with spark at the plugs still does not start. timing belt was replaced fairly recently and has been working and is still in good shape. charging system shows a drain when testing. replaced alternator with new one and fully charged battery still no strt. no backfire but feels like it wants to start. seems like timing but there is no traditional distributor so i am lost as timing belt is fine
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My first guess was fuel pump. But it should try to start if you spray starter fluid in the throttle body.Is the oil over full or smell like gas this could meen the crank case is full of gas from a ruprured fuel pressure regulatore. You could have weak spark the spark should jump a 3/4 inch gap and be blue not yellow. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO FUEL LEAKS BEFORE TESTING. They sell spark testers that adjust so you can see the KV output, they're really inexpensive. Don't use a lightup spark tester. If spark is good I would have a friend sit in the truck with the key off. Take the fuel cap off and put your ear to the filler neck while your friend turns the key to the on (not run) position. You should hear the pump buzz for 10 seconds. If no buzz,check the inertia switch that is mounted to the kick panel on the passenger side(where the passenger's feet are). IF you can see the red button sticking up, the switch is open (no power to the pump). If everything checks out good,its time for the tow truck.