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Q: Truck vibrates at 70-75 miles per hour in the front end. on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

Truck vibrates in front end at 70-75 miles per hour. Just driving does not vibrate when breaking. I have had the breaks checked and they are fine as well as had front aligned. What would cause this? Only vibrates it feels like in front end at this speed. I have had tires balanced and rotated.
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I just got new tires on my suburban and now mine is doing the same thing. Everyone says tires are balanced. Only does it when I hit 70
When your u joints were replaced , the Machanic tack welded them on instead of using the proper clips . This throw of the balance and causes the truck to violently vibrate around seventish mph , I tried to discover this answer for years and finally found it . Now I'm sharing it .
My dad spent $500 dollars on this problem (wheel balancing, u-joints). I got concerned about the bills and no results and pulled the driveshaft and had it balanced ($50 off the truck). Problem solved. Apparently from doing a little bit of reading there are a lot of complaints about this. Hope this helps you out !
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How many miles on truck? How many miles on tires. Most likely it still in the tire balance or tires. Could possible be worn drive axles, hub brearings etc. But I think the tires are more likely be your problem.
It has over 200,000 miles and just started doing it couple months ago. Was told front end was out align so got that done, but did not help. Vibrates feels like in the front end. Auto shop says breaks are fine, front end in alignment, tires are rotated and balanced air pressure has been checked. Drives fine until you hit 70 miles per hour and then it will vibrate unless you speed up past 75 then it goes away at any speed past 75, so just does it 70-75 miles per hour. If you stay at 70-75 it will continue to vibrate.
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Bearing hubs that are worn should show some play in them if they are worn enough to cause a vibration. The front axles turn but are not under load in 2 wheel drive so I find it unlikely they can cause it. Alignment rarely would ever cause that type of vibration. It stll brings me back to wheels and tires. Do you see a shimmy in steering wheel when it happens? Are they factory wheels? Are the tires new? A after thought is how old are the shocks?
Shocks on back are new, I don't know how old front shocks are. If it was shocks wouldn't it vibrate all the time no matter the speed? The tires are about 2yrs old if that. Yes there is a shimmy in the steering wheel when it happens. I think the rims are factory.
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Shocks can allow wheels to bounce if worn. The shocks hold wheels on the road so to speak. There is no such thing as a abosolute perfect balance. Most all wheels and tires will have a vibration at a given speed...shocks help dampen that motion that comes in at higher speeds. Have you ever noticed a car pass by you on the road and the tire was bouncing like a basket ball. When you see that it means that car has bad shock absorber most times. Due to the mileage you say is on your truck, it may be worth the investment to put (good) new shocks on the front before you chase this problem to more exspensive options.
Well thank you so much. I was just scared have been told it was drive shaft, transmission by non professional mechanic, and seem to get no answers when I take to mechanic about what is causing it. Drives me nuts though I used to enjoy driving it, but since it started doing this I dread driving home everyday.
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You may have just not found a good shop yet. Driveshafts can cause vibration but I don't think it would cause shimmy of steering wheel. Also driveshaft vibration would be more constant. I drive a Avalanch and love it.
I love mine too. I am going to take somewhere else and have them check the tires again and tell them what you have said. Thank you so much.
My truck started at 60 found out it was the driveline ujoints. No more vibration. Hope it work for you
Thanks! Make a lot of sense, I have also a slight delay jerk when idle at light. Any idea of the cost for this repair
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