Q: truck starting but dying right away on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

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my truck died while driving down the road and now when i start my truck it will die within 4 to 8 seconds and reving to a normal rpm to real low the whole time running then will die. there is no check engine light on at the time but it was on every so often since i owned the truck. but now there is no light on. what could be the problem?
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It sounds like you may have a failing fuel pump. Check fuel pressure, it should be about 60psi. The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank and is replaced as a module assembly. If the fuel pump is replaced be sure the filter is changed also.
I recently had a similar problem, only that the vehicle would die when I pressed on the brake pedal. This was cause by a ground coming un-done from the frame of the vehicle. This happened when the vehicle just came out of the body repair shop, since they must remove the ground off of the vehicle so that they will not damage the computer when they weld.
I had this same issue but it was due to E-85. when I run a full tank of 93oct I have no issues.
Mine is doing the same thing. I was told it's the crankshaft position sensor. It's a common problem in these vehicles. I guess we will know next week.
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