Q: Truck quits when the motor gets up to temp. on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

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After my truck gets up to normal running temp my motor will quit. I've had it happen with the truck parked and while driving down the road. It will not start again till the truck cools down. I've replaced the ignition coil.
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First thing someone that does auto repair thinks of here is a failing crank sensor,, however a lot more possibilities exist! Your best bet is let a mechanic keep the truck, let it run and check it out when it stalls and will not restart! Light on?? Ever see a funny message in odometer like "no bus"..?
I'm having the same problem. code po320 always, and p1391 sometimes, po 300,308,random misfire codes once, po 455 massive evap leak although I don't know if related
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