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Q: Truck eats alternators on 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I've been through 4 alternators in 4 years...what would cause this? Used both refurbished and new. A new one was installed in June, its January and its starting the familiar routine, slow to start, battery/alternator light flickering occassionially, within 2 days the light will stay on, time to get a new alternator, again. Bought a good DieHard battery 2 years ago, its been tested and is fine. I don't have all the power draining gadgets. No cell phone car charger, no in car TV, etc. It's got the standard stock stero/CD player, electric windows along with the obvious..headlights, wipers, blah, blah, blah. Got any ideas, my mechanic doesn't. Tired of this ever occurring expensive problem, especially since losing my job in June, just don't need to have this problem of all times right now...
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Had a tune-up done. Idiots used inferior valve cover gaskins.Alternators began to go out.Went through two. New Shop told me that the valve cover gaskins were leaking oil onto the alternator.
Unfortunately, there are a few of us that have that problem. The altenator sits right underneath the valve cover on the right side of your engine. It is most likely that your engine is leaking at some point around that right side valve cover. The oil from this is seeping directly into the back side of your altenator causing it to short out. Your valve cover gasket probably needs to be replaced. This should solve the problem.
Ah huh. . . yes I've always had to keep an eye on the oil, slow leak.
I see the light now. The shop told me the valve cover gasket needed to be replaced a few years ago, $600 + then, probably more now...that'll have to wait. But I have a clue. Thank you soooo much!
I've replaced (7) yes seven in 3 years. Aftermarket alternators are made to fit several different vehicles, some requiring more diodes than others. I talked with a lot owner that ran into this problem, he said the only thing he did with it was when he replaced with a new one, after several, make sure that the battery is fully charged, like on a trickle charger or whatever why u are changing it so the alternator doesen't burn a diode on initial start-up. Guess what this alternator has been in my vehicle now for 3 years no problems, knock on wood!!!
That was one problem. A friend replaced a dead battery in mine with one he said was fully charged, it wasn't and I knew it. Sure enough, 7 months later it was dead. Didn't call him again. Bought a new Die Hard, got it completely charged before putting it in. That was almost 2 years ago, no battery problems yet, also knocking on that wood! I think the comment above yours is right, its the leaky valve cover gasket, oil on alternator thing I have going on....eventually I'll be able to get that fixed. Love my 2001 Montero Sport, its been a good one, paid for and still in great condition, other than this I've had no problems with it.
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