Q: truck cranks but wont start,let sit 10 minutes or so and it starts on 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

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1st start of the day ,truck cranks healthy but wont start. let it sit 15 or 20 minutes then starts. pour fuel in the the carb and it runs off the fuel.i'm stumped. have changed the plugs,wires,cap and rotor,new coil and dealer replaced timing belt 2 years ago
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It sounds like your fuel pump check valve is gone, this is a valve that keep the fuel pressure high enough so when you go out to crank your truck, it fires right away with out having to build up the fuel pressure. Your truck is injected, so there is no carb or float bowl, though the throttle body still looks like a carb.
thanks for your help. i replaced the fuel pump and everything seems to be working fine now.its nice to know there are good people out there willing to help.thanks again......tireman762
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