Q: Truck cant pass smog test at idle, does pass on run.can't find a PCV to clean it on 1994 Mazda B2300

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Clean:oil,air fltr,maf,Cant find PCV. Does the 2.3L have a PCV?
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Look below the intake tube going to # 2 cyl. can be accessed with a long reach pair of needle nose 'loop ended' plires! Still a pain though.
Thanks for the info on the PCV. It rattles/appears to be fine. But she is still seting a code. There was a 2" slit in the "cat" which was welded shut. Took her for a run, and drove for about 2 miles. No checkEng. but today I arrived for my smog check with the battery dead! And again, NO Pass. We're doing spark plugs and a compression check today. Meanwhile, new weirdness: I step on the brake pedal, and the check E lite comes on and the panel shows a red "generator" light fading on and off, with a surge in idle speed. Crossed wires? short? Brain dead? Harness? What do I look for now? LOrdy my poor little truck. My poor puny wallet! She was fine until we had to pass smog, now it seems to be one thing after another! And particulates in idle at 1300+ HELP?
We don't have the right code reader...she needs a Q?d1, we only have a 2. Alternator..okay we'll check that. I had one installed ?3 years ago? Thanks for your thoughts, Master.
Thanks I'll tell my helper and we'll look for the dang thing. It hasn't been checked in 9 years that I know of!!