Q: Troubleshooting PO141 on 2001 Toyota RAV4

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My check enjine light came was tested and the definition that cam up was
Heated owygen sensor - Bank 1 Sensor 2 (HO2S12)
heater circuit malfunction
Probable cause
1. - Open or short circuit condition
2. - Poor electrical connection
3. - EFI relay fault
4. - Faulty HO2S12 (Bank 1 Sensor2)

Not knowing much about cars I really do not know what my next step should be.

In the past Bank 2 Sensor 2
Bank 2 Sensor 1

Have been replaced. First one causting $308.
Second causting $280.

I really can barely afford this AGAIN !

Any suggestions would help !

Thank You !

(1) Answer
go to an aftermarket shop. you can get a o2 sensor for a lot less than the dealer. it is more than likely a bad sensor. the 12 volt source must be verified, resistance across the o2 itself and the computer must be verified.

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