Q: Troubleshooting "NO FIRE" on 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

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My 1997 Tahoe began giving me problems starting. It would turn over and over before it would "hit" a few times. But being persistant the times that it "hit" would get closer and closer together until it finally started.

However, NOW it won't "hit" AT ALL. I checked to see if it's getting "fire", it's NOT. I had the coil and the modual that's located on the coil checked by Auto Zone.
They're 95% sure that both are ok.

I'm tired of trying to run down the problem. Can't the '97 Tahoe be plugged into a computer that will identify exactly what the problem is? If so, is it expensive?

Thanks for any help.
(2) Answers
There is possibly some diagnostic information that can be retrieved from the engine control module, but it wont pinpoint exactly what the problem is, it merely gives the mechanic one piece of information to help diagnose the problem. You are better off taking this to a shop and let them perform the diagnosis if you don't have the tools and equipment necessary.