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Q: Troubleshooting Blinkers on 1998 Ford F-150

My blinkers just quit working, when I turn them on, they just make some weird noise. Everything else works thats on that knob, the bright lights and the windshield wipers. What could cause the blinkers to do that?
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Sounds like your flasher relay is bad if your fourways aren't working im willing to bet thats the problem
Customer Concern: No turn signal or hazard operation.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Check for battery voltage to the multifunction switch on the Light Blue (LB) wire with the ignition switch in the Run position from the electronic flasher relay. Also check for battery voltage on the White/Red (WH/RD) wire which is fed to the multifunction switch for the hazard function.

2. If both circuits show battery voltage from the flasher relay, ground either of the circuits through a standard 12-volt test light and look for the test light to flash indicating that the flasher relay is functional.

3. Inspect the multifunction switch connection for an issue and service as needed.

4. If necessary, disconnect the multifunction switch and install a jumper wire between the LB wire and the Light Green/White (LG/WH) wire to see if the left turn indicator works, thereby indicating a defective multifunction switch.

5. If there is no flashing of the test light or of the left turn indicator with the jumper wire installed, but there is power present on the LB and the WH/RD wires, replace the electronic flasher relay.
Potential Causes: Flasher Relay
Multifunction Switch
Multifunction Switch Connector

Tech Tips: The electronic flasher relay is located under the center of the dash near the radio, along with the blower motor relay under a plastic cover. The electronic flasher relay is generally Blue in color. It is NOT interchangeable with other relays found on the vehicle.
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