Q: Trouble starting my vehicle. Replaced the battery, starter, filters, etc.? on 1995 Ford Mustang

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My mustang would not start, replaced the battery, starter, etc. Unhooked the radio, checked fuses and filters. Several mechanics later still cannot find the problem. If the vehicle is started daily no prob, if not will not start. Something is draining the battery or there is an electrical problem. Will stop in the middle of driving also!! Any answers, please help!!!
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You could have a parasitic draw which is difficult to find. Another possibility is your fusible link between your battery and your alternator. To check, with vechicle off, use a multimeter on your battery red to red, black to black and get a reading. Then touch black to black on battery and red to wire on alternator. If this reads 0 your fusible link is burnt out and needs replaced. Follow smaller red wire coming off battery to this link usually on the side or near main engine fuse panel.
Thanks, will try and let you know. Appreciate the quick response! Am considering selling and don't want to sell in the current condition.
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