Q: trouble starting on 1993 Toyota Camry

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my car has trouble starting and its mostly when the weather is hot out,usually i will have to turn the key many times and then it will start what could be the problem?
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You say trouble starting. Does the engine crank and spin over as you turn the ignition key to the start position or do you hear a click or even nothing at all? If so check the battery connections battery ect... If these are OK the starter has a solineoid plunger and contacts that have probably pitted and burned. After several attempts of turning the key the contacts may allow the engine to crank over.
If the engine does crank over and just doesn't catch and fire it has to be spark or fuel related. Spark related problems could be the distributor cap, plugs, rotor or plug wires. You say the problem is worse when hot so I wonder if it could be fuel peculation, loss of fuel pressure due to a faulty fuel pressure regulator.
Hard to guess without seeing the car first hand but always safest to start with the basics. When were the spark plugs changed last, valve clearances checked (shim adjusted on V6). Rather than just replacing parts a garage would put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail to verify fuel pressure and the check the ignition system with an oscilloscope.
I have a 93 Quatro 100 2.8 that has been a great car. But now it will turn over great but will not start I have fuel presure, replaced cam senser, replaced ignition relay, and the coil pack all fuses all good...Im stumped..I will say the coil is getting juice but no spark comes out
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