Q: trouble code P1110 on 2001 Infiniti QX4

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We recently had to put a new timing kit in our QX4. We had all gears , o-rings, etc replaced. When we got the vehicle back the engine light came on after driving for about 12 miles. The trouble code is P1110. While trying to diagnose this code we have replaced both the right and left bank intake timing control censors. That did not work, so then we had to replace the solenoid valve, that also did not work. the shop we toook it to done a pin point test on the ECM. They said the ECM was bad, so we replaced it. I picked it up from the shop drove home and again the engine light came on. Checked the code and guess what, It was the same error code P110. The shop is now wanting to go back through everything that has been done. Does anybody have some info on this issue?
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