Q: trottle system on 2005 Hyundai XG350

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Has any one had a problem with the trottle not opening. hyundai does not have any answers but to replace trottle body @ $800 and thats for parts only
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Hyundai as a car manufacturer put a lot of free technical information and workshop manuals on line for Hyundai owners. Check out lots of great information see if they mention any service bulletins or up dates.
There is a special motor inside the Throttle Body Module that actually has its own tiny computer that gets instructions from the Power Train Control Module. If any part of this system goes out, it is commonly replaced as a unit and will need some re-programming. Typically what fails is 1 of the 2 redundant Throttle Position Sensors, which are not serviceable.
Hyundai can reprogram the the throttle sensing. I had this problem with periodic thottle sensing. The car would not accelerate even though I had the gas pedal on the floor.

Hyundai has a technical bulletin on this issue.

If your dealer has an issue with this have him contact Capitol Hyundai in Columbia SC. CW is aware of the problem.