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Q: Trend in Dying Air Compressors? on 2006 Scion xA

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Just wondering if anyone's been hearing/seeing more issues with the A/C compressor. My 2006 Scion xA is JUST outside of warranty & apparently I need a new A/C compressor. Trouble is, when I call around to local parts stores to check pricing, they are all out, & so are their suppliers, which (to me) indicates that this is more of a wide-spread issue.
Comments? Heard/Seen anything lately? My gut is saying recall.
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I have the same problem--only 26000 miles on my car but JUST out of warranty. The shaft broke right off the compressor. I'll be calling Toyota tomorrow. I'll be pushing for a recall. Donna in Tucson
check the water pump first. They told me it was AC compressor magnetic clutch assembly, but after replacing it, the noise was still there. The new shop tells me that they are 95% sure it's the water pump.
my scion xb hs the same problem. My ac started blowing hot air and the mechanic told me it was the ac compressor and that the clutch was always on. He said i needed to replace it or my ac would not work.
I also have the same car you do with the same problem. A few weeks after we boght I took it back to the dealer for a noise and they said it was nothing. took it for a second time and the same thing hoppend. and now it out of guarante the Ac compressor is$1800.00 i also think it's a recall.
I just found out last week that the air compressor on my 2005 Scion (64,000 miles) is falling apart. My mechanic said he's seeing a lot of Scions that have air compressors failing in this highly unusual way. I took it to the dealer and it's going to cost $2500 from either my mechanic or the dealer. I plan to take this all the way up to Toyota corporate. Any suggestions on where I can find people who are having this problem?
I have a 2005 Scion Xa. The a/c compressor failed in 2008 just outside of warranty. Toyota agreed to go in halves on the cost of repair. Now it has happened again, ugh! Called Toyota and they said they will look into it. Not looking forward to an $1800 repair.
That definitely sounds like a common problem if the parts are flying off the shelves. I would call Toyota directly and ask for their help.
I also have a 2006 Scion Xa Began having a/c intermittant. Toyota dealer determined electronics within the compressor failed and they replaced it under warranty. Now 16 months later, same problem. Sorry, one year warranty on parts. Was told it would be $2052 just for the part. Yeah, sounds fishy to me!
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