Q: tree sap on 1994 Pontiac Bonneville

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How can I get tree sap off of my car? I have tried detergent, goobgone, soap and water, elbow grease, etc. None have worked.
(1) Answer
It may sound crazy but I have been using WD40. Though you might want to wash the surface after smearing wd40 on your paint.

I have tried bug and tar remover (which supposedly took off sap) but I saw more paint on the towel than anything. WD40 takes some scrubbing but I have used those blue shop towels you buy on a big roll. I shoot a little on the sap and let it soak a little. I also spray on the towel and start scrubbing. If the stuff is hardened on there it'll take some time. Sometimes I'll start on a spot and move on to the next one. Come back to it later and it's softened up a bit.

If it's on your glass, you can use a fresh razor blade and it'll scrape off no problem