Q: trapped air in power steering system on 1996 Audi A4 Quattro

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I put a new power steering rack in and have bled the system but continue to have air trapped. It seems to be getting worse any suggestions?
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First of all, congrats! That is not an easy job at all! Make sure all of your suction/return hose connections are tight. Especially at the rack itself. As long as the fluid is full, the return system is the only place air can enter into the system. Clean off all return connection points and let the car sit overnight. Look for fluid leaks at all the connections. Leaking will be an indicator of a loose connection. This is not absolute. Those lines on the rack itself are absolutely miserable to install. Each hard line has 2 copper rings on the banjo bolt, one between the bolt head and the line and one between the rack and the line. If there is a missing (or leaking) copper ring, this can introduce air into the system. Once air gets in, it will aerate the whole system. After repairing the problem, the system will have to sit for several hours to allow all the air to float to the top and dissipate.

Good luck!