transmission whining on 2006 Honda Civic

I start to hear whining sound when I driving. It sound louder when temperature is cold in the morning. it subsides after driving for 10 minutes and speed up to 50 mph. Transmission fluid level is OK and color is redish, no burning smell.

by in Delaware, OH on October 01, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 01, 2009
check the belts, the radiator level, power steering level
ANSWER by on October 02, 2009
I have not experienced any transmission problems with this year Civic. Usually the noise that you describe is more tire related. A mechanical whine usually doesn't go away after ten minutes. These Civics do have issues with tire wear and depending upon what type of tire is on the vehicle they can make a variety of noises. Once the tire warms up it is possible for the noise to dissipate. You may want to rotate the tires and see if the noise moves to the rear of the vehicle. If not then I would look at the wheel bearings just in case. Usually noises in wheel bearings and transmissions tend to get louder with speed and won't go away after ten minutes.
COMMENT by on October 12, 2009
I do not have time to got to a repair shop yet. It is definitely not from the tire because I can hear the high pitch sound when the car is parked and by tapping the accelerate paddle., All fluid levels are fine, too. Did somebosy said this car can run 34 mpg? I never have the luck. I drive this car to work (mostly on 60 mph zone) and the best I got is 30 mpg. Thanks for the two answers anyway.
ANSWER by on January 01, 2011
Sounds like your front pump is going out
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