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1994 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: transmission temperature sensor

where is trans temp sensor located i am getting code #37=trans temp sensor high i purchased new one and found where it goes in coolant line even found wire tied up truck never had one is there also temp sensor inside tranny will it hurt to install new one in line or what where is code#37 coming from -
Answer 1
The transmission temperature sensor is located inside the solenoid assembly in the valve body for a diagram request one at sinautoscan.com/forum -
Comment 1
my dodge read the same code 37 temp.sensor voltage high would it have any thing to do with my spark plugs not getting fire? -
Answer 2
Your truck does not actually have a trans temp sensor. The code is for 3 different symptoms depending on the vehicle 1. Trans temp sensor voltage high. 2. Trans temp sensor voltage low. 3. Torque converter clutch solenoid CKT faulty. The temp sensor is on 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. So most likely the code you have is for the Torque converter solenoid -
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