Q: transmission stays in neutral on 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder

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My wife's car has a problem in that after it gets hot, when she stops, often, but not always, she cannot proceed until she shuts it down and restarts. She gets @#%#& at traffic lights. Took to the dealer, claimed they fixed it, but didn't. Anyone heard of this problem and solution?
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Sounds like a transmission computer/system problem. Take your car to an ATRA certified transmission shop to have them test drive your MR2, really scan your system and deal with this issue. Dealerships are very inconsistent with their work quality, it is kind of a crap shoot as to who will work on your car, in many cases.

Good Luck!
did you ever find out what it is that was causing it? I have had the same problem with my SMT 2003. I have replaced HPU, GSA, and both Engine and Trans computer. Nobody, including the dealerships, seem to know much about this car.
How much it cost to fix this. My car is 2004 Toyota MR2 Spyder had the same problem.

Thank you.