Q: transmission shifts to 4th and 5th gears at too low rpm. engine trys to bog down on 2007 Mercury Montego

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you can feel the engine bog down at low speeds when the trans. shifts to up too soon. is the trans shift controled by the computer?
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yes, but computer responds to sensors. review when tranny last serviced. it may be due. check fluid levels and condition. rec. bring it to a tranny shop for diagnostic. tranny tech. will advise.
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Make sure fluid is full (not over full) for both the transmission and the coolant. Also are there and check or warning lights on like ABS/TCS (anti-lock brake system/traction control system), Service engine soon or check engine, low coolant or red brake warning light? Vehicle would need to be Diagnosed by not only checking for codes but more so by looking at engine, transmission and speed sensor live data. Call Michael or Kris at 757-456-0722 so you can bring in and let them know if you need a free loaner car, Thanks, Jim
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