Q: Transmission shifts irregulary on 1992 Ford Tempo

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This car not always sometimes when warmed up sometimes cold it wont shift gears but if i turn the car off put it in neautral and start back it shifts.. The speedometer quit working as well.. I talked to a friend who said sounded like transmission module however ford said this is an ATX transmission ... Also i called a transmission shop and he said could be the rod from the fuel injection that goes to linkage the rod seems to be working fine to the naked eye.. However i look back towards the firewall and see the VSS that i was told it didnt have.. Help me please before i spend way to much money at a mechanic that is gonna fix the wrong problem and if it is the sensor for $25 I can fix myself
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if the vehicle speed sensor is bad, you will have issues. replace it first and then see what happens.

vss and speedometer cable are incorperated together if bad speedometer will be jumpy or wont work at all and will not affect shifting in the atx it is not electroniclly controlled sounds like valve body,pump shaft ,or servo lip seals inside transmission needs pressure tests run on it to diagnose properly and to fix the right part the first time
The VSS and or wiring harness can be faulty; the driven gear inside the transmission that drives the VSS can be bad too, and the valve body of the transmission (ATX) is a known issue.