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Q: transmission shifting problems on 1999 Dodge Ram 2500

I have problems shifting from first gear to second i have to be going over 20 miles per hr and let up on gas to shift into second gear all other gears are ok please advise
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TRANSMISSION THROTTLE VALVE CABLE ADJUSTMENT: The transmission throttle valve is operated by a cam on the valve body throttle lever. The throttle lever is actuated by a cable connected to the engine throttle body lever Throttle Valve Cable Attachment - At Engine A retaining clip at the engine-end of the cable is removed to provide for cable adjustment. The retaining clip is then installed back onto the throttle valve cable to lock in the adjustment. A correctly adjusted throttle valve cable, will cause the throttle lever on the transmission to move simultaneously with the throttle body lever from the idle position. Proper adjustment allows simultaneous movement without causing the transmission throttle lever to move ahead of, or lag behind the throttle body lever. THROTTLE VALVE CABLE ADJUSTMENT CHECK: Turn ignition key to OFF position.
Remove air cleaner. Slide cable off attachment stud on throttle body lever Throttle Valve Cable Attachment - At Engine Verify that throttle body lever is at curb idle position. Then verify that transmission throttle lever is also at idle (full forward) position. Compare position of cable end to attachment stud on throttle body lever: Cable end and attachment stud should be aligned (or centered on one another) to within 1 mm (0.039 in.) in either direction. If cable end and attachment stud are misaligned (off center), cable will have to be adjusted as described in following procedure.
Reconnect cable end to attachment stud. Then with aid of a helper, observe movement of transmission throttle lever and lever on throttle body. If both levers move simultaneously from idle to half-throttle and back to idle position, adjustment is correct. If transmission throttle lever moves ahead of, or lags behind throttle body lever, cable adjustment will be necessary. Or, if throttle body lever prevents transmission lever from returning to closed position, cable adjustment will be necessary
THROTTLE VALVE CABLE ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE: Turn ignition switch to OFF position and shift into Park. Remove air cleaner.
Disconnect cable end from attachment stud on throttle body. Carefully slide cable off stud. Do not pull or pry cable off. Verify that transmission throttle lever is in idle (full forward) position. Then be sure lever on throttle body is at curb idle position. Insert a small screwdriver under edge of retaining clip and remove retaining clip. Center cable end on attachment stud to within 1 mm (0.039 in.) NOTE: Be sure that as the cable is pulled forward and centered on the throttle lever stud, the cable housing moves smoothly with the cable. Due to the angle at which the cable housing enters the spring housing, the cable housing may bind slightly and create an incorrect adjustment. Install retaining clip onto cable housing.
Check cable adjustment. Be sure transmission throttle lever and lever on throttle body move simultaneously and as described in cable adjustment checking procedure.
Y'all are the bomb, fixed it in 15 min. after reading this post!! Been pulling my hair out trying to find the problem. Got hit by a big piece of rubber on the undercarrage that must of moved it out of alignment. Thanks again.
I had the same problem and the problem would come and go. I found that the problem was the throttle valve lever on the transmission and that the return spring did not fully return the lever. I spayed the lever shaft with WD40 and worked it by hand until it would return by the spring. It goes from first to second now with no problem. The truck is 15 years old and needed a little oil on the shaft.
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