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Q: Transmission Shifting inproperly on 1994 Ford Bronco

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maybe twice a week or twice a month on the highway or in town. no matter the speed,while excellorating it will just rev up and then knock hard into the next gear. has been going on for about 3 months- i ahve had the truck for 5 months. i had a transmission shop look at it and he sd the transmission was fine and would be a mistake if i replaced it. he sd he kept getting a speed sensor error when he checked the computer. he replaced that sensor. i took it to another shop and they did the same thing. replced 2 sensors. it was driving ok but is acting up again. could those speed sensors cause it to shift wrong? could it be the wiring causing it to shift wrong? but both places told me it was not the transmission! what should i try next?? i dont want to get rid of it. thanks
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You will need to have a transmission tester installed to find out what is going on. The problem does not happen that often though, correct? The trick is to get it while the problem is occuring and then test it actively. Otherwise, it's all guess work, and that is not working for you right now.
correct- it might happen once a month or 3 times a month but never happens while in the shop! if i turn it off and let it sit, it drives fine until the next time. do you think the Ford place would have any better luck with it. one place even put the ford stock sensor in it and i thought it was shifting even better than before but still acting up. could something be causing those sensors to go bad? i was thinking electrical issues because the digital tempature and direction you are going flashes at times and sometimes just shows scrambled words. then the fuel gage has started floating all over the place a couple times a week and i just had to replace the starter! wow! like i said it rides and idles great and i want to eventualy would like to restore it but it has to run right first! thanks for the reply!!
On that particular model year, they have to hook up a specific tool called the Rotunda Transmission Tester. There is a harness that plugs directly into your transmission. This allows the technician to shift the gears using the knobs and buttons on the tester. They can also engage the torque converter in and out. Doing this can often expose some issues that may not happen that often or during normal driving. Trouble is -- good luck in finding a Ford shop or Ford tech that not only has the tool but knows how to use it! The last model year that used it was 1995. After that, it went to OBDII and everything is tested via the data link.

I'm not clear on what sensor was replaced. If it was vehicle speed - then shifting may improve.

I'm actually wondering which transmission you have. Do you know the letter/number on your drivers door tag under "TRANS"? There were several transmissions for that year, and it may help me understand your problem more.
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