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Q: Transmission Shift Linkage on 1992 Ford Crown Victoria

The column shifter is very loose, and sometimes won't go into park. It's gotten looser in the last week. I am mechanically inclined, just never had to mess with trannies. Can you tell me how to adjust the linkage, if possible, myself? I can't afford shop rates right now. Thanks a million, Kandi
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It's difficult to say exactly what is loose without checking a couple things. I have a feeling it is not the transmission if the shifter itself feels loose.
There is a point under the vehicle where you can inspect the shifter linkage for tightness. I don't think this sensor is the problem with your car but it shows the linkage to the transmission

You might want to remove the shrouding on the steering column to see if the shift lever has come loose. It might be the shift cable has stretched or broken as well but you'll need to do some checking. If you're doing the work yourself, I definitely recommend buying a good repair manual, most auto parts stores carry them
I have the same problem and it isn't the transmission side. The Cable is loose or about to break at the shifter and I have already removed the lower half of the shroud only to find the cable attaches on the top. I have not yet found a clean way to remove the top half of the shroud with out having to remove the ignition cylinder. I really don't want to do this. So he cable is loose and I manually tested the shift on the trannie and it shifts just as it should. I had someone else move the column shit while I watched the transmission lever move and it definitely isn't putting the transmission into the proper gear and all is well below. So can anyone point me to where I might be able to get to the Shift Lever in the column with out having to drop the column or remove the ignition switch. I have a Chilton manual for the car but the instructions for what I need to do are vague at best. Thanks in advance.
under the dash there are 2 bolts that hold linkage together.Remove cover and lay on floor looking up as you move shift lever i had same prob 1 had fallen out and the other was very loose replaced and tightened.Problem solved
I just had to do this on my sister-in-laws 94 Mercury Villager. To get the ignition switch out there is a pin that you push in to release the switch. Once the lower shroud is removed you can use a center punch to push the pin in. Turn the key a little and pull out.
I just fixed this on my '91 Crown Vic. My problem was NOT on the steering column. You need to remove the panel directly above the pedals to get at the base of the steering column. The shift linkage is about three inches in front of the brake pedal and directly above. There is an L shaped bracket with two screws and a connecting rode. The two screws point at the driver while the linkage rod aims back towards the firewall. The screws come loose after years of operation. They are Torx bit, size T27. Looks somewhat like a star with more points. Tighten these bad boys up and feel the difference in your shifter! (Automatic Transmission with gear shift on steering column). Good luck!
I had the same problem with my 1991 Lincoln. But the 1998
Lincoln does not leave room to get to the torx screw.
I had this problem on 2000 chevy model 1500 truck The problem was that right before the cable gets to the shifter on the transmission, the cable had come out of the bracket that hold the cable. The bracket has a hole that is open on one side for the cable to slide into. It was simple , once I saw what was happening.
On the crown victoria, the arm that the shifter and cable meet is attached with two torx bolts. Mine came loose and I dropped the column and then tightened the bolts. I would recommend taking the cable off of the tranny and then the arm prior to dropping the column. Also take care to remove the indicator cable or you could damage it,
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